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Internet trends, as seen by the Cloudflare global network.
Feb 8, 2023

Three days in, Cloudflare data shows peak traffic levels on #mobile #Internet providers in #Punjab at a fraction of normal volumes. #KeepItOn twitter.com/accessnow/status/1637757424491798530

An #Internet disruption across the three major #mobile providers in #Mauritania 🇲🇷 (Mauritel, Chinguitel, Mattel) is impacting traffic nationwide amid a search for four jihadist prisoners that escaped from prison. Cloudflare Radar data shows traffic dropping around 1000 UTC.

#Internet disruptions across several states in #Venezuela reported by VE sin Filtro over the last two days, noting that they align with failures at #Cantv. twitter.com/vesinfiltro/status/1630588364113031174 These are also visible in @cloudflare data, with near complete outages seen starting 0400 UTC. Unclear if the fiber optic issues reported by #Cantv are related. twitter.com/salaprensaCantv/status/1630584346200424450

Three weeks after the devastating #earthquake in southern #Turkey, and one week after another impactful earthquake in the country, Internet traffic has mostly recovered to normal levels. However, in some regions there’s still clear disruptions. 👇 radar.cloudflare.com/traffic/tr

According to the Government of #Anguilla, a subsea fiber break resulted in the loss of international telecommunication. FLOW Anguilla & Digicel Anguilla impacted. Cloudflare Radar data shows significant loss of traffic starting 1300 UTC on February 18.