After blocking social media sites, the #Senegal government has reportedly started restricting #mobile #Internet services. Cloudflare traffic shows an ongoing outage at Free Senegal (Tigo) starting at 13:45 UTC on June 4. A 3+ hour disruption was also observed on June 3. #KeepItOn

Turns out if you register a domain on @cloudflare with someone else’s email address, they send a verification email to that person every day FOREVER (it’s been months). With no way to clarify that the email is actually nothing to do with that domain. They will also ignore your many messages to their support.

This is not cool.

Reminder - verification needs to be possible both ways. To confirm something is real, or allow someone to tell you to stop harassing them.

A multi-hour #Internet disruption was observed in #Iraq between 04:00-08:00 local time. The shutdown was to prevent cheating on academic exams. Cloudflare data shows that two ASNs were the most impacted, resulting in a 74% drop in traffic in the country.

We've added several new date ranges to enhance historical lookback on Cloudflare Radar -- now you can view traffic, adoption/usage, attacks, or outages over the last 48 hours, or the previous three, six, or nine months. (Custom date ranges coming soon!) radar.cloudflare.com/

After former #Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest yesterday, access to #Facebook, #Twitter, and #YouTube was ordered blocked in the country. Traffic to Cloudflare's DNS resolver from Pakistan for those domains has increased as users try to regain access to those sites.

Amid violence in #Manipur, #India🇮🇳 the state government ordered Reliance Jio Fiber, Airtel Xtreme, and BSNL to suspend broadband and data services. Cloudflare data shows traffic in Manipur on BSNL (AS9829) dropping to near zero around 14:00 UTC today.