Ahead of post-quantum key exchange being enabled by default on desktop platforms in Chrome 124, post-quantum encrypted requests already account for over 3% of Cloudflare's global TLS 1.3 request traffic. twitter.com/davidcadrian/status/1767980806717251811

Following the recent launch of AS-level Announced IP Address Space insights, @mingwei has added country-level insights to the Routing page on Cloudflare Radar. Gain visibility into the broader impact of network outages, geopolitical routing shifts, and more. radar.cloudflare.com/routing

Several Ukrainian cities, especially in the Kharkiv region, are facing Internet disruptions after missile strikes damaged power supplies. Traffic in Kharkiv is down 68% (after 03:00 UTC) from last week. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Khmelnytskyi Oblast and Zaporizhzhia also affected.

What's going with the Internet in western and southern Africa right now?

A lot of the region is currently experiencing Internet outages. @radar and IODA are both tracking the outages:

- radar.cloudflare.com/outage-ce
- ioda.inetintel.cc.gatech.edu/d

(hat tip to @dbelson for his great CloudflareRadar work!)

There are multiple reports on Twitter/X about "subsea cable cuts" from telecom companies... but even they are not definitive.

Anyone seeing clear statements?

A reported #Internet outage in #Gaza is visible in @Cloudflare data between 12:00 - 16:30 UTC. Rafah and Gaza governorates appear to have recovered, while connectivity remains down in Deir al-Balah. Khan Yunis has remained offline since the previous outage on March 6.

We've also enhanced the Cloudflare Radar URL Scanner! Since launching in 2023, we have introduced unlisted scans, detailed malicious verdicts, enriched search functionality, and now, integration with Security Center and an official API. Try it out at radar.cloudflare.com/scan