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Feb 8, 2023

A nationwide power outage in #SriLanka is causing disruptions to #Internet connectivity across the country. Cloudflare Radar data shows shows traffic has dropped ~50% as a result, starting around 11:15 UTC. radar.cloudflare.com/traffic/lk www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2023-12-09/nationwide-power-outage-in-sri-lanka-due-to-a-system-failure-government-official

Internet disruptions hit southern #Ukraine due to a winter storm causing power outages. Cloudflare data reveals traffic drops after Sunday, 23:00 UTC, in Donetsk, Kherson Oblast, and Luhansk. Crimea, Sevastopol City, and Mikolaiv also impacted, but less severely and recovering.

After suffering two significant disruptions to #Internet connectivity during the morning and early evening of November 9, YemenNet (AS30873) began experiencing a complete outage starting just after 00:00 UTC on November 10. Cloudflare Radar data shows that the issue has impacted connectivity at a national level as well. The cause of the outage is not yet known. radar.cloudflare.com/ye radar.cloudflare.com/as30873

#Internet traffic in Gaza was restored today after 07:30 UTC, as seen on Paltel (AS12975). The near-complete outage lasted more than 15 hours. There are still several disrupted networks in the Gaza Strip, and traffic is clearly lower than pre-war levels.

For the third time in the last ten days, #Gaza is experiencing an #Internet disruption. This outage began at 1615 UTC (1815 local time) on November 5. In a Facebook post, Paltel stated "We regret to announce a complete disruption of all communication and internet services with the Gaza Strip, due to the previously reconnected major routes being exposed to the Israeli side." www.facebook.com/paltel.970/posts/pfbid0t6ZFF8dhG1ToPXU4g8zbbJxjYWVV7BMsfH8aNVrokMXfCtGV4iP7H6wAJoJZz4bal